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As a national information clearinghouse for the field of tribology, ITC places a high priority on providing both new models of standardized testing and new equipment that is designed to produce accurate, consistent, and meaningful results.

ITC has developed a comprehensive, effective, and highly efficient process that applies, or modifies - if needed, industry standard tests, such as ISO and ASTM, to explore product and equipment failures and identify, screen, and validate candidate solutions.  We also develop new test methods and work with equipment makers and standards organizations to achieve widespread utilization.  We also develop highly insightful application-specific materials performance data for friction, wear, and lubrication.  Benefit from the shared knowledge of multiple industries, and network with key professionals and experts.

ITC serves as a technology arsenal, contributing problem-solving skills and innovative approaches through our multidisciplinary scientific research and spectrum of expertise.  Dedicated to answering your most challenging materials performance questions relative to friction, wear, lubrication, and related product failure, we constantly improve problem-solving methodologies, materials selection and validation approaches, test methods and equipment, and analysis techniques.  When you work with ITC, you gain access to specialists in many fields, including physics and mechanics, chemistry, materials science, measurement science and condition monitoring, failure analysis, and intellectual property assessment.  Work with us to:

  • Acquire solutions to product quality, manufacturing, and design issues that have meaningful and measurable impacts on efficiency, productivity, and profitability for a wide array of commercial and industrial sectors, as well as for government and nonprofit agencies.
  • Reduce product failure rates through system-wide examination and testing at every stage of a product’s lifecycle, including R&D, design, manufacturing, and ownership.
  • Monitor, assess, and develop intellectual property. 


ITC's nonprofit status is central to our mission to benefit society by increasing the military’s readiness, improving industry’s competitiveness, and providing authoritative and unbiased investigations to insurers and litigators.   ITC’s sole goal is to provide outstanding value to our clients by fully understanding their needs, resources, and limitations, and working with them to develop superior insight and innovative solutions.

Top experts provide superior outcomes.  When you work with ITC on a project utilizing ITC’s “Collaborate and Solve” process, our staff organizes a collaboration of experts and facilities from multiple, varied groups, including leading universities, national laboratories, technical societies, and established companies across an array of industries.  You join us in brainstorming, uncovering untapped insight and seeing problems and issues in new ways, and harnessing new knowledge by utilizing top-tier expertise that is normally inaccessible.   We serve as your guide, helping you to focus on practical applications, drive innovation, solve problems, and reduce costs.  We measure ourselves based on how well we foster your success.  Contact us at (630) 556-9700 or e-mail us at and gain access to world-class expertise.

Combat readiness, competitive high performance products, and data-driven intellectual property and product liability defense – the need has never been greater for an authoritative, unbiased, and independent resource like ITC.  Effective communication among diverse organizations and individuals is central to our philosophy and influences all of our actions.  We bring together businesses, nonprofits, governmental agencies, and individuals through the networks we facilitate, enabling them to address complex issues in the field more effectively.

We assist our clients in implementing practical solutions across a range of applications. Through our multi-organizational, collaborative projects, ITC helps: (1) industrial clients to create better quality products and gain measurable advantages in the marketplace, (2) the U.S. Military to improve weapons performance in the most challenging environments, extend life, and reduce costs, and (3) insurers and litigators to have authoritative investigations that are explained to juries and courts in a way that makes the complex clear.  When you bring your project to ITC, you are assured a thorough and efficient process that identifies and comprehensively addresses the key issues and problems to determine the best solutions.  The temporary nature of our teams ensures that the emphasis is placed on the job at hand and not on justifying an overly lengthy investigation process.