ITC staff conducts testing and failure analysis to determine the true nature of your challenge.  Our proven processes clearly define your problem and help focus the process of finding a solution.

ITC staff conducts brainstorming sessions to develop innovative approaches.  Extensive peer review discovers untapped insights and performs tests to validate the accepted solution.

A project team is defined and a work plan devised.  The results of the brainstorming session guide team selection, ensuring that the necessary skill base is available to address the unique aspects of the project, and promoting objectivity on the part of the team members.

Project work is conducted and regular status reports are continuously updated on the web site.  Continuous feedback and project status details are always available, facilitating smooth communication among all project team members.Once work is complete, team members are disbanded and redeployed to other projects.

Industry has found that no single organization has all of the technical resources needed, or all of the knowledge and expertise available, to support world-class innovation and problem solving.  This led Procter& Gamble (P&G) to develop its “Connect and Develop” strategy to access applicable external resources and lower costs while achieving superior outcomes.  ITC enables large and small organizations to benefit from this approach.  ITC’s staff are the modern-day equivalent of the applications specialists that companies used to have to address the full spectrum of problems and applications involving materials as related to friction, wear, lubrication, and corrosion.  For example, ITC is located in a technology campus with the Falex Corporation, which is the world’s foremost developer and producer of tribology test equipment.  ITC has a unique arrangement with Falex wherein ITC utilizes Falex’s extensive tribology lab while maintain complete control over the work that is performed and the confidentiality of the data produced.  ITC staffs and directs its own work in the Falex lab.  This is a win-win arrangement that complements Falex’s mission of providing routine ASTM testing and test instruments, and it benefits clients by providing the deep experience with materials science and test and measurement technology that is needed for solving materials related problems, and for identifying, screening, and validating new materials for specific applications with cost-effective access to the full range of ASTM tribology, lubricant, and fuel physical property tests.

ITC’s focus is on materials science as it relates to friction, wear, lubrication, corrosion and materials performance.  Many studies about materials innovations find decades before they are widely used because applications have specific and demanding requirements and generic materials property data is not adequate for selecting a material.  The range of materials innovations is vast, making it even harder to identify a specific candidate for a given application.  Add in the lean environment and fewer technical resources of industry today, and it is not surprising that materials limitations remain unaddressed and materials innovations remain unknown and unused.  ITC strives to overcome this situation.

ITC provides top notch technical staff with extensive industrial experience as gatekeepers, problem solvers, and innovators across a broad array of applications.  ITC bridges the gap between the specifics of an application and the broad perspective of academic and Government Lab research.  ITC an independent, unbiased not-for-profit organization that has demonstrated uniquely effective and efficient methodologies and materials screening and testing technique, making it practical and cost effective to access exactly the range and depth of skills that you need be it for R&D, problem solving, defending intellectual property, or investigation an insurance claim or product failure

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